style bundle payment!!

style bundle payment!!

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if you are here, it means that you have submitted your style bundle form and are ready to submit your order! YAY!

things to remember:

there are two different levels of bundles:
1. surprise bundle- it is what it sounds like! I send you pieces based on your mood board, info, and budget with no preview.
2. personal styling bundle- this is a much more hands-on option, where you have more say in what you take home! I will send over several options for you to choose from and you get to pick and choose. this involves an added 15% styling fee on top of your original budget. 
there is a budget minimum which is $100
there will be a 1-2week lead time on surprise bundles and a 2-3week lead time on personal styling bundles 

please submit the correct levels and budget when adding to your cart!

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