all about arrondi


mission statement   

when you shop with arrondi you are free to explore your creativity, style, and fluidity. our experience is full of color and beauty that is memorable and on-trend. we want to form and curve into your personal vault of art, eclecticism, and nostalgia; with the main focus on human connection, thoughtfulness, and community. we do this while we serve our mother earth and its children, with our sustainable and ethical practices. we promise to always grow with you and our world as we desire to learn and better our business every day.

follow our instagram for more information & to find a deeper understanding of who we are. we have everything from styling tips, process videos, to what we are doing within the community: @arrondi_co 

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where it all started

I created my company in January of 2021. It was during a challenging time in my life. I decided to start my lifelong dream of having my own business. I taught myself how to make beaded jewelry as it was starting to trend and I fell in love with the medium. During the summer of 2021, I finally decided to start curating a vintage collection, which has always been a desire of mine. I love vintage clothing and always have. the more and more I created and curated I fell in love with the art of jewelry and my appreciation of vintage grew even deeper. 

I want to grow a collections in hopes of having my own shop someday! I am so glad you are here so you can be a part of this journey of mine. thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting me. 💖

details of our products

I put artistry into making collections of jewelry ranging from necklaces to earrings, with ethical sourcing, high quality materials and beautiful designs. I buy small batches of products in order to avoid wasting materials and creating more products than needed. I source from other small businesses and create a more circular supply chain using vintage and dead stock beads. These are pieces of wearable art, that brings color, beauty and fun to your style.
All of my jewelry is finished with the highest quality construction. I use a 14k gold-filled and sterling silver wire guardian to prevent the wire from wearing out over time. I use sterling silver crimps and apply them using the best-securing techniques. Along with this, I use locking jump rings, to ensure there is no accidental breakage. 
Ever since I was little, I have loved vintage fashion. I imagined the stories behind those beautiful pieces of fabric and detailed stitching. So much history and life. As I got older and attended fashion school, I understood the importance of sustainability and how vintage and secondhand fashion played a huge role in that. I curate with all types of bodies and styles in mind with the intent of exploring and appreciating vintage fashion and understanding its allowance to consume apparel in a sustainable way. This collection already has so much life and it continues to beg for another one so come along with me on this journey as we reuse, repair and appreciate vintage.

meet the founder

Hi, I am clarissa ladner and i am the proud owner of arrondi company! I am from a small town near Akron, Ohio. I graduated with a fashion merchandising degree with a minor in marketing and fashion media from Kent State University, so I am well acquainted with the industry. I am a taurus, who loves to travel and eat all the good food. I love yoga, boxing and running. I enjoy art and caring for my 7 plants. My all time favorite comedy is New Girl and my favorite book series at the moment is a Court of Thorn and Roses.

 our community mission

The mission of arrondi co. is to give back to the community. So, we are giving a portion of net profits to ACCESS shelter in Akron, Ohio. ACCESS is dedicated to addressing the plight of homeless women and children in our community, Akron, Ohio. check them out on their website: and their instagram: @access_shelter